This 47-year-old was tired of being told she looked wiped out even when she felt fine.  She also missed her upper platform for makeup application.  She underwent cosmetic upper blepharoplasty with preservation of the upper eyelid muscle (orbicularis) and browpexy to improve her brow symmetry and to raise her brow fat pads back up over the orbital rim.  This improves the brow appearance and helps with surgical result longevity.  A problem Dr. Burroughs notices is when patients undergo upper blepharoplasty without addressing the brow fat pad positions.  This can cause the brows to fall and place them closer to the eyelid margin, which is more of a masculine look.  She was very happy with her postop appearance and the compliments she has received.  If you’re interested in cosmetic eyelid surgery then seek a qualified surgeon with great reviews and local/national reputation.  Dr. Burroughs teaches at national and international cosmetic meetings.  He receives patients from all over the state of Colorado and not only as far as the east and west coasts but also even China.



Non-Surgical NeckTite and Liposuction For Neck Rejuvenation

Many patients want rejuvenation of their neck, but don’t want to undergo the higher risks, higher costs of surgery, or have the downtime.  For this reason, Dr. John Burroughs was one of the first surgeons in Colorado to bring the BodyTite technology to Colorado.  This gentleman was bothered by his neck fat and sagging skin.  He underwent an in-office procedure called NeckTite that uses radiofrequency heat to reduce the neck fat and tighten the skin.  Sometimes for smaller amounts of fat this is all that is required.  This gentleman had a significant amount of fat, so he also had liposuction performed.  This was all done with oral sedation and local anesthetic.  This result is 4 months later as the skin tightening keeps improving for 4-6 months.  This approach is far preferable to injectable agents, Kybella, as the skin is tightened with NeckTite and is more contourable and predictable and only a single treatment is needed.  There is no significant downtime.  He has been very pleased with his results.  NeckTite can be performed alone or done with facelifting, and other necklifting surgery depending upon the patient’s needs. 


CO2 Laser Resurfacing:  Why You Need It? 

As our body ages, our skin fails to resist the effects of the sun, gravity, acne scarring, aging, and to all our daily facial expressions.  These factors cause deep lines and wrinkles that age our appearance even more than we actually feel.  CO2 Laser skin resurfacing can help vaporize the damaged outer layers of skin to improve fine lines/wrinkles and tighten the skin helping with deeper folds.

How Does It Work?

The laser can remove layers of damaged skin, which triggers the regeneration of collagen and the overlying healthy skin above. This procedure is also great for people who have facial scarring, sun damage, benign lesions, precancerous spots, or uneven skin pigmentation.

Platelet-rich plasma (aka PRP) has been finding amazing success for joint problems as well as for cosmetic improvements and rejuvenation.  It can be mixed with wrinkle fillers to enhance the results and applied topically after laser or other skin resurfacing.  PRP is obtained by a simple blood draw from one of your arms then it is spun down to concentrate the platelets and growth factors. 

Another area that is finding use with PRP is androgenic hair loss.  PRP injections into the scalp can help with both areas of thinning and to stimulate new hair growth where it has been lost.  The use of PRP is a great treatment option for hair loss because it has a number of scientifically based articles showing its efficacy increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle.  Its use for hair loss is gaining popularity around the world because it has no downtime and works.  Shown below is a Springs Aesthetics patient.

PRPJRB1Before & After PRP

PRPJRB2Before & After PRP

After the blood has been drawn it is spun down using a centrifuge then the PRP is pulled out with a syringe then injected into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles.  The process is meticulous — with injections beginning across the scalp, approximately at every half inch over the area of thinning hair.  Treatments take about 30 minutes.  At Springs Aesthetics we have a zimmer cryo-cooler to make the injections more comfortable and topical anesthetic can also be applied.  There are no post-treatment restrictions.  Best results are obtained with 3-4 monthly treatments then maintenance every 3-6 months afterwards.  Results start to be seen between 2-3 months.  Right after treatment a hot shower can stimulate helpful blood flow to the area.  Avoiding a hair-dryer or curling iron for a few days is recommended.

PRP for hair loss can help both men and women.  It works best for genetically-related androgenic hair loss.  A multi-faceted program works best which includes:  1) low-level (cold) laser light helmet wear for about 20 mins a few nights a week (e.g., Theradome or I-Grow); 2) Topical minoxidil like Rogaine foam or Evolis; 3) Oral supplements; and 4) sometimes the use of orally prescribed medications –(Spirinolactone or Finasteride in men and post-menopausal women) to promote hair regrowth.

The at home use of the low laser light helmets is completely painless, and can help thicken current hair sizes as well as stimulate new growth.  Some patients with just thin-caliber hair (no actual hair loss) have used the helmets just to have thicker quality hair. 

PRP treatments at Springs Aesthetics currently cost $2500 for the first series of 3, and include a hair-regrowth helmet to wear at home a few times per week.  Retreatments 2-3 times a year cost $700 each.  Results can’t be guaranteed, but on RealSelf PRP for hair loss has about a 70% worth it rating, and results can vary depending upon the protocol followed and other patient variables.  Numerous published scientific studies have shown PRP for har growth works and is proven.  Best results are seen by following the recommended multi-modality approach.   

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