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Dr. John Burroughs & Team welcome you to the Springs Aesthetics Website.

Dr. John Burroughs is a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Burroughs is a fellowship trained subspecialist in oculofacial plastic surgery. His areas of expertise include cosmetic rejuvenation and reconstructive management of complex issues of the eyelids, orbits, and face. Dr. Burroughs’ past experience as an ophthalmic microsurgeon brings delicacy, precision, success, and safety to the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries he performs around the eyes and face. 

Dr. Burroughs completed a highly competitive American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) two-year fellowship. Membership in ASOPRS is restricted to ophthalmologists who have been board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and who have also passed rigorous oral and written examinations in this highly specialized field. Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeons begin as ophthalmologists (medical doctor and eye surgeon), who then complete additional training in plastic surgery as it relates to the eyes, surrounding structures, and face. The word plastic is derived from a Greek word that means to mold or to give form. Plastic surgery is surgery that molds or reconstructs parts of the human body. Ophthalmic plastic surgery is plastic surgery that is limited to the structures surrounding the eye. Since such surgery can affect one’s ability to see, ophthalmic plastic surgeons are the most qualified to perform this delicate surgery and also provide any care that the eye itself may need during healing or prior to surgery.

Dr. Burroughs’ oculo-facial plastic surgery practice primarily covers Colorado Springs and the Southern Colorado region (Pueblo, Canon City), but he receives patients from surrounding states and farther. His practice covers the gamut of medical and surgical problems of the eyes, eyelids, orbital bones, and surrounding facial areas. Besides cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery, Dr. Burroughs’ expertise includes: dry eyes; tearing disorders; droopy and other eyelid malpositions; tumors; cancers of the eye, eyelids, orbits, and facial skin; traumatic injury and deformity repairs of the eyelids, orbital bones, and facial skin.

Dr. Burroughs is a highly sought after cosmetic eyelid surgeon, and he also provides non-surgical eyelid and facial rejuvenation (e.g., botulinum toxin-“botox” Xeomin, fillers, fraxel, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, photofacials, laser hair removal, & peels). A considerable portion of his practice is managing suboptimal results and complications from surgery performed by other specialists and subspecialists. 

Given his training, accrued expertise, and gentle bedside manner he often sees other doctors as patients as well as receiving doctor referrals for their own family and staff members.  Dr. Burroughs performs many second opinion consults, and often is asked to manage the most challenging cases. Following a decorated career in the USAF, Dr. Burroughs returned to Colorado Springs in 2006 to open his private practice.  While building his referral based aesthetic and reconstructive practice, he has observed there are far too many inadequately or even poorly supervised spas providing cosmetic services.  He also desired to provide a more comprehensive and full-service aesthetics practice.  Therefore Dr. Burroughs opened Springs Aesthetics Medspa supervised by himself-a cosmetic plastic surgeon with over 15 years of experience. 

Many physicians and other providers are trained in cosmetic procedures and services, but only surgeons have specialized training and intimate understanding of the underlying anatomy issues leading to the aged appearances of our faces and bodies.   Outside his anatomy and multi-disciplinary surgical expertise, Dr. John Burroughs has some dermatologic training, and has a network of colleagues and professional friends he can draw upon for challenging aesthetic or reconstructive concerns.

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