Hand Rejuvenation: What are the options?

Radiesse has been FDA approved and used for a few years to rejuvenate the back of the hands.  Typically, five small boluses are injected into the dorsal aspect of the hands between the knuckles.  Topical anesthetic can be applied though it’s really not very uncomfortable especially if a cannula is used. The filler is then massaged to even the dispersion and effect.  One to two syringes per hand may be needed but the results are long lasting.  Bruising can occur, but the risks are otherwise very minimal.  Recently others have started trying a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane Sylk), which for some may have some advantage since it attracts water to hydrate and thicken the tissues.

handrejuvenationFor age spots (e.g., lentigines) intense pulse light treatments can be done (e.g. Lumecca) to help even out the skin tones.  Moisturizers are important, and SkinCeuticals triple lipid is fantastic for this area.  Topical hyaluronic acid boosters such as HA intensifier can be very helpful as well.

Dr. Burroughs also has done chemical TCA peels for very severely sun-damaged skin on the back of the hands and lower arms.  Dermal infusion superficial peels provide microdermabrasion and helpful hydrating serums to thicken the skin for several days, which can be great if time is short and a big event is coming up that evening or on the weekend.

If you’re interested in helping your hands look their best then give us a call at Springs Aesthetics (719-473-8801).

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Radiesse For Hand Rejuvenation

Patient was unhappy with her prominent veins, ligaments, and hollows on the dorsal aspect of both her hands. She received a syringe of Radiesse to the back of each hand, and has been thrilled with the improvement seen on the bottom pair of photos.

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