Filler Blepharoplasty

Dr. John Burroughs, Colorado Springs Facial Plastic Surgeon, Shares A Filler Blepharoplasty Result.

Dr. John Burroughs practices ophthalmic and facial plastic surgery in Colorado Springs. Dr. Burroughs performed a revision surgery of an orbital/facial fracture injury initially performed by another surgeon. The patient's left lower eyelid was retracted (pulled downward), which caused eye redness, discomfort, and poor cosmesis. Once his lower eyelid was corrected, he still had a depression of the left lower eyelid area and some darkening of the skin. The patient wished to have these cosmetic concerns further improved, so Dr. Burroughs injected Belotero (a dermal filler) into the left lower eyelid area (right side of photos; after result on bottom and right of photo sets) to help fill in the hollow area and diminish the darkness of the skin. He has been very pleased with the result, and filler placed into the lower eyelids can last for several years. Most of all, he felt his lower eyelids looked the most symmetrical to one another since his initial, very severe injury.


You Might Prefer A More Conservative Approach to Treating Your Eyes

Below is a patient who opted for the least invasive way to treat her "hollows" under her eyes. In just 40 minutes, this patient looks renewed and refreshed without pain, downtime, or invasive techniques. The top photo is our patient's after--you'll see just how great she looks! This procedure is affordable and will remain looking good for about 12 months without touchup (all patients vary).


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