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When looking at today's beauties, one is drawn to their eyes and lips. The face of a young woman usually possesses beautifully shaped, plump or pouty lips. If your lips have lost their volume, which happens to most everyone due to the aging process, there are many options for lip enhancement. Dr. Burroughs prefers are more natural look and utilizes a number of different injectables to create the youthful look you are seeking. Dr. Burroughs will first employ an anesthesia block, as the lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Many of today's injectables have a numbing agent pre-built into their products as well. From Restylane Silk to Belotero, Dr. Burroughs will choose the right filler for your lip enhancement. If you are seeking a more permanent approach, there are Perma Facial implants in a variety of shapes and sizes that add fullness and contour to the lips.








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